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David Barrios

Lead Vocals/Bass Guitar/Party Crasher

Billy Lindsey

Guitar/Vocals/Hall Monitor

Krystal Lindsey


JOTS/Band Therapist

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All Videos

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"After their last performance, we HAD to have Johnny on the Spot back to the brew house! Talk about a P-A-R-T-Y! This group plays Top 40's, so there is bound to be several songs that you love. We dare you to hold back from dancing."

                      - Brewcaipa Brewing Company

"We've NEVER had a band here that does it like 'Johnny' does.."

- Joey Ray - San Manuel Casino

Are you looking for the ULTIMATE Party at your event, or venue? Look no further because Johnny On The Spot is your #1 source for all your live music entertainment needs. Get ready and put on your dancing shoes as we cover the familiar tunes from every era, and style of music from the 50's all the way to the current wave of Top 40 hits. Yes....You heard that right....we cover it all! Whatever you want to hear, that's what we'll play.


The pages of this website are only a taste of the Johnny On The Spot experience. So make your plans now to be at our next show!  We'd love to see you!  Come out and rock the night away with us.

If you're interested in booking Johnny On The Spot, go to our contact page and find out how to connect with us.

Rock On!!!

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